35 IS THE NEW 85


I will have another 35th  birthday  next year and it will be the 50th time.. In order for me to stay 35 years old every year, I must pay attention to four simple things.

Water: Get addicted to water instead of sugar drinks.


Food: Eating 6 or more fresh or frozen fruits, veggies and nuts every day. It is a doable deal.

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Walk: Walking briskly for a minimum of five minutes but get up to 20 t0 4o minutes a day for the rest of your life.


Sleep: . Google gave more opinions about when and how much sleep we need  and it is so important for our mental and physical health.Babies sleep as much as 14 or more hours for a reason. They need sleep and we do too. Infants, toddlers and kids until they hit the teens need about 9 to 14 hours of sleep.

There is a lot of sitting, computer stuff, bad food and sugar drinking going on. Obesity is serious and sugar diabetes is an epidemic. Bad sleeping habits are a part of the cause.

A solution is simple, and doable, and can start now. Drink more water.  Eat more fruits, veggies and nuts. Walk briskly for 20 to 40 minutes every day.

Sleeping soundly and taking naps when you get a chance is so important. All of us should work hard to fit in 7 to 10 hours of sleep in our schedule every day..

Sleep helps repair the  body. Sleep makes your heart tick better, helps you remember things you have been forgetting, helps you in the battle to quit eating bad stuff, and stops you from being so grumpy.

Take a Power Nap during the day. Try it. It gives a fresh start, and gets rid of tension.

Here is another tip. It is weird, but it works. It is called Auto suggestion.

Try saying this outloud.


One more idea before I get too relaxed


Let all the air out of your lungs. Use your belly muscles to get it out. Push- get that old air out.Now fill those lungs up. Use the belly muscles to fill the lungs up. do this three or four times a day. Make it the start of a habit to do it all the time.










Get a Great sleep tonight

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First Place 80 and over

Us kids from 19 to 84 need 7 to 12 hours of sleep every day. The benefits are amazing.

I just turned 84.. Snoopy, my mentor say to pick an age I like and stay with it.

I AM 35 for the 49th time


I sleep 7 or more hours every night, drink water instead of sugar drinks,, eat six or more fruits,veggies , and nuts, and walk briskly for 20 to 40 minutes every day.




To get your brain healthy, experts claim that WALKING BRISKLY is as good as running. I jiggle to dang much if I even think about running..Walking at a good clip gets a blood supply in the the parts of your noggin where the memory computers are,  and keeps you from getting heart problems, . Push share  button and in some cases  it will make you better looking..


I have been Walking Briskly every day for ten years. A brisk walk for me is about 20 minutes a mile.  That pace is pretty slow, but works for me. That is well over 27,000,000 steps. That is a bunch of time to think, tweak, learn, change, and improve. I have not missed a day, and have not had a “feeling bad day” or been sick.

The first big decision was to wear very good running shoes about 90% of the time, and rotate four pair. Next time you are in a hospital, notice that top surgeons and their staff are moving at a fast pace and most wear very good running shoes.

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Early in the game, I started drinking more water and less sugar drinks. Somewhere around four years ago I stopped drinking sugar drinks PERIOD.

Today I eat lots of fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies, more than five or more every day and eat five or more times every day. I eat less and less modified foods as time goes on. I quit counting calories a long time ago.

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I only take advice about my health from athletes, and friends with intense military background. My personal doctor of over twenty-five years works out in the morning and evening, my nutrition advisor is a runner. My favorite bunch to watch, listen to, and ask questions, are the IRON MEN AND WOMEN.

At a 5K about three years ago, I saw an IRONMAN talking to a couple runners. I saw the tattoo and so I listen in on the conversation. To swim two miles, race a bike 115 miles and run, walk and craw 26 miles all in 12 hours or less, you will change the way you breathe.

Most heart doctors agree that anxiety comes with shallow breathing. Shallow breathing is a red flag for heart and stroke problems. There is a way to avoid shallow breathing. BREATHE DEEP. Watch little babies. Their belly moves when they sleep which means they are breathing deep. OUT OF THE BELLY OF BABES COME WISDOM.

STEP ONE: Blow out your last breath. Use your belly to push out that all that air in that last breath. Push it all out. This will take at least 6 seconds.  Get it all out. Listen. You can hear it all leave your lungs.

Step 2. Shut your mouth. Breathe in through you nose. Get that air in. Use your belly muscles to get all the new fresh air into that pair of lungs.

Step three: Do this exercise for the rest of your life. First it is a chore and you keep forgetting to do it.  Eventually is becomes a habit. In the last few years, I deep breathe most of the time.

Two months ago I feel, broke some ribs, and punctured a lung. Thirty days later I walked a 5k faster than any I have ever done.

A trauma Doctor from the Number One Trauma Unit in Texas said,” If all people ending up in his Trauma Unit, Breathe Deep like you do, they will heal faster and live longer.”

Breathe Deep My Friend

I AM 35 for the49th TIME woope

I am 84 years old, but the body is better right now than 62 years ago when Uncle Sam drafted me into the US Army. I once weighed 254 and my blood pressure was at 204 /105.. I now weigh 160 and BP is about 98/60. I walk and  have fun talking  about Health , Wellness and Economics.

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