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2016-03-05 09.59.46

I do not trust food lables

 FOODUCATE is an app that rates produce A B C D. It is simple and it works fo me.

Every morning I eat ceral. In my experience , there are only two cerals woth eating . OATS and SHREDED WHEAT . Thew rest are grade C and D.

I add pineapple,blueberries, and cherries, all fast frozen,plus a handfull of pecans,almonds pecans, and peanuts. Then comeas the almond  silk milk.  It is delicious, and every thing in it  graded  A..

I like peanut butter. Usually the local store brand is graded higher than the name brands, because it does not  have a long shelf life and does not have persevatives that give it long shelf life that makes good stuff bad.

I do not like to endorse products , but have not found antyhig better than FOODUCATE. to help me pick the healthy alternatives.


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