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I am 83 years old, but the body is better right now than 61 years ago when Uncle Sam drafted me into the US Army. I once weighed 254 and my blood pressure was at 204 /105. I moved to East Texas  to die. I changed my mind on June 12, 2oo6 and I chose to do 4 things.I call it WAFOWASL. which stands for WATER, FOOD,WALK,and SLEEP. Theses are the four keys to getting health and changing your life.


Me now                                                 Old Me 2014


Since that day I have been walking. I mean BRISK WALKING .  I walk  20 to 40 minutes and work to stay under a 20 minute mile. Big Deal? You better dang well believe it. Since that day in 2006 I have walked over 26,700,000 steps and mostly at a brisk pace. So What. Well, I have never been sick. My blood pressure at last Medicare physical was 95/56 and the weight is between 157 and 165. Enough for now. If I can get healthy , so can you.

Come back and visit. I talk about WAFOWASL and as an extra added feature I will share what I see in the CRYSTAL COWPILE.  Now that is another story.  Bring your freinds too.